Heart Candy Magnets for Valentines day

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in maybe a month or so, but I’m back with a cute DIY!

As soon as New Years is done and over with, almost instantly, you’ll start to notice the Valentines day themed items popping up in every store. Valentines day isn’t really a holiday you have to do gifts, but if you have some spare time and would like to make something small for your mom, best friend, or your significant other, this might be right up your alley.

I got all my materials at Michaels!


Polymer Clay: I used the bake kind instead of air dry, but you could use whatever.

Heart Candy Molds: This is actually made for baking, but it was perfect for this project.


Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic Paint

Small Paint Brushes 

Knife (not pictured) 


Lets get started!!

Flatten out your clay, not too thin, but not too thick. Place the heart molds over the clay and press to transfer the heart shape over.


Once you can see the heart shapes left behind you can take your knife and start cutting out as many hearts as you would like to make.

IF your hearts still end up too big or just messy then do the exact same thing with each individual heart and cut around the heart image again. I had to do this!


Once you have all your heart shapes cut out you’ll need to get your red and white paint out. Mix them together to create a light pink for your letters. Take your paint and pick a heat to start with and paint over the letters in the heart mold.

Completely coat the letters and when you’re done place your clay hear in and press so all the paint will transfer over and it will indent the letters in. Repeat this process until you make the amount of hearts you want. When you’re done heat your oven to 275 degrees and place your hearts in for 15 minutes.

Take your hearts out and let them cool down. Carefully peal the hearts out. The pain won’t be perfect in the letters, but that’s okay because we will paint over the paint that spread.


I started with mixing green and white to create a teal color. I carefully painted over and around the wording and this is what it turned out like.

I created other pastel colors and painted the remaining hearts. After I let them dry. When they are completely dry take your your magnet and hot glue it to the back of your heart.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed!!

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