DIY Christmas Gift for the Stranger Things Enthusiast

Alright ya’ll. We all know Christmas is around the corner and lets be honest, if you haven’t started yet, you are seriously slacking. That’s okay though, I’m here to try and help. Stranger Things 2 was a huge hit this year and I’m sure you can think of someone who was obsessed and binge watched the whole season in a day. If you have yet to get that person a gift here’s a cheap, cute, and quick gift you can do in just about an hour.

Here’s the things you’ll need:

Packing tape

Access to a printer


Glass cup

Container for warm water

That’s it!



To start off I used Google Docs to write out “Bitchin'” in the font Pacifico. Use whatever font you like!! I wrote it out 3 times in the same sheet, just in case I messed up (I did). So, once you get the font you like and adjust the size, print it out, and then cut out one of them.

Next, you will use your packing tape and place it on top of the font. Just like below.


Make sure there are no air bubbles and it is a smooth as possible. Once it looks good to you, go ahead and trace around the font with your scissors. You can just cut a rectangle around the font if you prefer. I just thought I would like it this way better, but its your personal preference.


Now we fill up whatever container you have with warm water and soak the paper in there.


You’ll leave this in here for at least 5 minutes.. You don’t want to take it out too early or the ink wont transfer well. I left mine in there for about 10 minutes to make it easier to peel the paper away.

Once it’s been at least 5 minutes start rubbing away the paper.


You might have to dip it in the warm water one or two more times to get all the remaining paper off. The first time I was peeling away the paper, I was too rough and started peeling away the adhesive and part of the ink. So don’t be too rough, just soak it a bit longer if you’re having a hard time getting the paper off.

When you’re done with that let it dry off for about 10 minutes.


Alright, almost done! Now you’ll notice once it dries that the stickiness came back. Now you’ll take whatever glass you want to use or any that you have lying around the house and place it wherever looks good to you.


And that’s all! This took me less than an hour to do and I love how it turned out.



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